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Rustic Wedding Trends 2018

2018 Wedding Flower Trends

New Year, New Trends! Whether you’re looking for something simple, or something big and bold, your wedding flowers will make a statement.




2018 Wedding Flower Trends

This year’s top wedding flower trends range from foliage you can find in your yard to whole walls filled with vibrant blooms. There is something for every couple.  Let these wedding flower trends inspire you as you create the wedding of your dreams!

hanging flowers suspended arrangements 2018 wedding trends

Hanging Flowers: One of the big trends in floral for 2018 are suspended arrangements. Couples are choosing simple arrangements for the tables (think small vases with just one or two flowers) and creating beautiful hanging arrangements. Large wreaths, hanging pots, floral chandeliers, and even hanging vases are in for 2018.

weddings trends 2018 flower wall

Flower Walls: Can you think of a better photo backdrop than a wall of fresh blooms? Flower walls are very popular right now, and will make for amazing photos and impress your guests.

Dogwood Bouquet 2018 Wedding Floral Trends

Dogwood: Wild flowers have always found their way into wedding bouquets. For the bride who wants something lush but simple Dogwood blooms would be a perfect choice this spring.

wedding trends 2018 succulents

Succulents: From table decor to the bride’s bouquet, succulents are a fun and beautiful addition to your wedding! Succulents are gorgeous on their own or mixed in to traditional floral arrangements and bouquets. They come in different colors and shades to fit your color scheme.

Greenery Wedding Foliage 2018 Wedding Floral Trends

Greenery: Flowers aren’t for everyone! Some brides will be opting for fresh greenery in lieu of floral bouquets this year. You can incorporate beautiful foliage into your bouquet, centerpieces, and even add some to your wedding cake.

Rustic Wedding Trends 2018

Rustic: Rustic and woodsy styled weddings will continue to be on trend this year! Florals like this are beautiful in any venue, but are especially fitting for weddings at outdoor weddings, like those at Indian Ridge Preserve.


What do you think of these trends?  Will you be incorporating any of them into your wedding?

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