"Ricky was always there to help"

We celebrated our wedding at the Indian Ridge Farm and it turned out fantastic. Our guests held the event in highest regard, commenting how it was a two­-day vacation. Fields, apple orchards, lake, and the reception building had created a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. These gorgeous locations also provided plenty of fantastic scenery for our photographs.

The owner, Ricky, was very helpful and available to answer any questions. What also impressed us is that he was very prompt with answering emails and texts. During the wedding ceremony, Ricky was always there to help and to set up things, and make sure everything was going smoothly. Even when someone accidentally switched the air conditioning off, he quickly figured it out and turned it back before we even knew there was an issue.

The next day, while all of the guests were relaxing in the fields and swimming, Ricky set up the tables for an outdoor brunch, and shared his delicious corn and fresh vegetables with us.

Not to forget, we got to pick our own apples in his orchard.


Julia & Stas