"Ricky and the staff pulled out all the stops"

Our experience at Indian Ridge Preserve was amazing!. We had our wedding on the second weekend of September 2014. Ricky made us feel so at home and welcomed. The 3 days that we spent on the farm were wonderful. The first day was the rehearsal dinner, which was a wonderful intimate cook-out and Ricky and the staff pulled out all the stops to help my planner, set up, get the grill going for my Chef Nephews and pull it off seamlessly. Ricky was there for anything we needed. The weather was wonderful and the scenic- rustic feel on the farm was relaxing and beautiful.

The wedding day turned out to be beautiful although all week it had called for an 80% chance of rain. Ricky and my wedding planner worked together to make sure that a contingency plan would be in place. Luckily, It did not rain and the day seemed like it flowed effortlessly. I loved that we felt like we were being taken care of at every point.

The farm is a pretty large area to cover and Ricky was at the ready, with his turbo cart to get us around. That was very helpful.

The last day was the brunch and that was such a difference from the day before. It was peaceful and serene in the Orchard near the lake. We hung out and ate, picked apples and reflected on the day prior. It was just a wonderful experience to have and share with your friends and family. Indian Ridge preserve is wonderful place to have a wedding, if that is what you are looking for. You are in for a really personal experience. This was everything we wanted and more. Thank you so much Ricky, Billiem and the staff at Indian Ridge Preserve for making our Wedding an unforgettable, amazing, amazing time for us.


The Richardson's, Corey & Nakia