Holiday Wedding- Yay or Nay? Here are some things to consider.

 Holiday Weddings - Yay or Nay?

In honor of the 3 Day, July 4th weekend- let’s talk Holidays and Wedding Planning.

Holiday weekends are alluring for weddings when restaurants and hotels offer special discount rates to couples who want to take advantage of long weekends. With tons of free access to special holiday activities, concerts, festivals and fireworks in the area- you can expect plenty of perks by choosing a holiday weekend. BUT be warned. Before you decide you must have a fireworks display and declare you’ll “Take it!” when the Independence Holiday is available, keep in mind: many places do the opposite, and hike up the costs. Especially when you add the word “Wedding” to your plans. A terrific bargain will take some research or way ahead, in advance planning.

New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s day are the two most popular holiday choices for wedding dates. Due to demand being high, most places will up their prices. Not just the reception locations, but the flowers, food and drink and other “supply and demand” items associated with holidays and event planning. Be creative and see where else in your budget you can choose wisely and make room for higher costs if a Valentine Day wedding is set in your heart.

Another thing to keep in mind, most holiday weekends also mean higher airfare and higher prices around town for you and your guests. Be sure that your weekend doesn’t coincide with a holiday festival or another event that draws in out-of-towners.

A word to the wise… a Super Bowl Sunday wedding may not be the best choice. Unless of course you want a football themed wedding and plan to spend the majority of the reception at the bar watching the game (and the commercials!) in front of the T.V.

Whatever your wedding day choice, Indian Ridge is here to help! Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you plan the day or holiday weekend of your dreams. 845-883-3208.

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