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10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Who says you have to serve wedding cake at your reception?  Don't stress over all of the wedding cake ideas out there. Why not break with tradition and serve your guests one of these fun and unique alternatives!        1. Pie Pie is the perfect dessert for a Rustic Style wedding. Traditional flavors…
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10 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Your wedding is about you and your partner and should reflect your love and life together. You want people to leave your wedding thinking “Wow, that was so them!”     There are many ways to do this. You could have giant photos of yourselves hung around the venue or you could have a cake…
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2018 Wedding Flower Trends

New Year, New Trends! Whether you’re looking for something simple, or something big and bold, your wedding flowers will make a statement.       This year’s top wedding flower trends range from foliage you can find in your yard to whole walls filled with vibrant blooms. There is something for every couple.  Let these…
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